Book a Private Observing Session at KPO

Book a Private Observing Session at KPO - Kissimmee Park Observatory

Would you like to enjoy an evening in the Observatory?


KPO Short Grass


In my private observing sessions you and your group will get to spend 3-4 hours under the stars and personally view celestial objects through the KPO 18″ Reflector telescope, one of the largest permanently mounted telescopes in Central Florida.


The KPO Reflector at Kissimmee Park Observatory


During the observing session you will see the moon and visible planets up close and personal. Additionally, we will view differently colored bright stars, star clusters, nebulae (pockets of gas and dust in space) and galaxies.


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I’m Dave Hearn;  I will be your guide – I have been into astronomy for over 40 years, and have been showing the night sky to thousands of people. I love to answer your questions about astronomy and space!

See this news article that covered the observatory and our astronomy outreach programs.

Also, please see my Star Hopping site and YouTube astronomy show.




We can handle groups up to about 15, where 5 or 6 people can be up observing in the dome, a similar sized group can be down in our theater watching astronomy videos or space images taken at the observatory, and then the rest can be relaxing out on our deck, viewing the stars under the dark skies of KPO. We have two smaller telescopes that can be used while others are in the main observatory.


Snacks and drinks will be provided for your group, to nibble on while enjoying the evening.

For more information about driving directions, and general advice to prepare for your private observing session, please see this post about attending an observing session at the Observatory.

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