Perseid Meteorite blazing across the sky

Photograph of a Meteorite from the Perseid Shower

Perseid Meteorite shooting across the night sky – August 2015

August’s Perseid meteor shower was a good one and testament to that is this great photograph of a Perseid meteorite from 12 August 2015. It was taken by amateur astrophotographer Andrew Davidhazy at 10:30pm EST from a location near Rochester in New York state, USA.

The photo was taken with a Canon 5D Mark II (on a tripod) which had been set up to take 15 second long exposures with a 50mm lens at a large lens opening (f/2) and high sensor speed (of 2000). Notwithstanding the light pollution that there was to contend with,

we’re sure you’ll agree that this is a fine shot. More of Davidhazy’s science related photography can be found over at his personal website.

Hope everyone else out there had a great observing session for this year’s Perseids!

Source: Astronomy Today

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