Digital Image: M5 in Serpens

M5 Processed Watermarked

Click on the image for the larger version.

Here is our first Globular Cluster image for the Spring. This is Messier 5, in the constellations of Serpens. At 13 billion years old, M5 is also one of the older globulars associated with the Milky Way Galaxy. Its distance is about 24,500 light-years from Earth and the cluster contains more than 100,000 stars, as many as 500,000 according to some estimates.

Image Info:

Canon 60D with an Astronomic CLS in-body LPR filter, taken at the prime focus of the 18″ KPO Reflector. 14 subframes of 60 seconds each, giving a total integration time of 14 minutes. Subframes captured and stacked in Nebulosity, processed in StarTools, and finished in Aperture & PhotoShop.

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