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KPO Sky Survey - Our  Gallery of Astronomical Objects
Application for MacOS 10.10 and above

This great collection of over 40 astronomical deep sky object images has over 90 minutes of entertaining video, and is interesting and engaging for all ages. Whether you want to learn how to locate these beautiful objects in a telescope, or just like to look at beautiful space pictures, the KPO Monthly Sky Survey will be sure to please!

Splash Screen
Kissimmee Park Observatory (KPO) is proud to present its Monthly Sky Survey of astronomical objects, all imaged at our facility with our state of the art telescopes and cameras.
StarChart Screen

Our animated spokesperson, Cassie, will lead you through detailed and graphically rich starcharts, where you can click your way through the universe, allowing you to see views of beautiful deep sky astronomical objects.
DSO Screen

In each view of these beautiful objects, Cassie  describes the important and interesting facts about it, and helps you to navigate back home again.

Additionally the included web interface connect you to KPO's primary website and our other web presence sites, where you can view hundreds of images, stay connected with us, and view a documentary of the construction of the observatory.
Month Selection Screen

The Month Selection Screen is the primary method of navigation in the application. This colorful screen allows you to select an view a starchart for each of the months of the year.
Cassie and the Sky Sentinel Workstation

Cassie introduces you to the Sky Sentinel Workstation, a supercomputer that navigates through the KPO image database.

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